What’s happening this weekend? You are!

We would like to take this chance to salute the hardest working person around, the mom. You’re the cook, the nurse, the counselor, the maid, and the boss. You tire away all day and all night, always with a smile. You go into public with your team of children, hair quaffed so effortlessly as to say, “I was born for this”. You always have an extra diaper on hand for a friend in need. Women with newborns want you to reassure them, and childless women want to be you. OK, let’s stop right there. If this is true, then you probably have a great support system and already know about The Woodlands Mom Expo happening this weekend.

Started by a mom that valued the support that comes from other moms in her community, this is a great resource for moms and young families in our area. It starts Friday, the 27th, from 10-3pm. Continuing Saturday, the 28th from 10-4pm. with door prizes, play zones and a DJ. It wouldn’t be complete without the “Ask a Professional” Healthcare Panel. So come out, meet other moms and businesses in town that can help support you in your journey of motherhood!

This video should sum things up for you.

Interfaith of The Woodlands contributes to our community in numerous ways. Enter the Veggie Village. A place where people can work and learn together while providing fresh veggies for their neighbors. Yeah, that just happened and it’s so cool. This Sunday, from 2-4pm they will be celebrating their grand opening. See a worm farm, plant a seed and enjoy a story. This is a fantastic way to fulfill those two resolutions we all make every year; volunteer in the community and spend more time with the family. Come on, even Puffy the Pinecone will be there! Check out this flyer for more details.

Here is a link to The Woodlands Mom Expo.

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