The Woodlands Marathon

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Woodlands is proud to host a marathon for the first time since 1993. Along with that news, Corporate Incentives would like to toot our own horn and show some of the merchandise that we were able to put together for the event. Not only did they need shirts for volunteers and participants, but they also chose these light-weight bags that can be worn over the shoulder or as a backpack to promote their sponsors and races. Anyone who has been in or cheered on their favorite athlete in a marathon knows there is a TON of swag that gets passed out. Well now there is a convenient bag to put it in.

Some fast facts include:

The Woodlands Marathon has over 6,000 runners becoming the largest, single-day sporting event in South Montgomery County.

The start line is located on Lake Robbins in front the Pavilion.

It’s a 13.1-mile flat course.

Interfaith of The Woodlands will be the primary local beneficiary.

There is a Health and Fitness Expo on Friday, March 2, from 10am-8pm. (registration, packet pickup, 40 exhibitors) will be at The Woodlands United Methodist Church.

There are 9 Aid Stations along the course. (THEY NEED VOLUNTEERS, so click here and sign up)

START TIMES (estimated):

Marathon/Half Marathon Elite? 6:45am

Marathon? 6:47am

Half Marathon & 5k ? 7:00 am

2k ? 1:00pm

The Concert Awards Party will be at Central Park in Market Street, Saturday, March 2, 2012 from 6pm-8pm. All finishing participants receive a metal. (yay!)

Follow information about the race on their FaceBook page.

So come to the cheer zones to encourage these amazing athletes. If you haven’t been to a sporting event of this magnitude, you are definitely missing out. There is music, cheers and tears and the second hand endorphin rush is out of this world. Remember, here at Corporate Incentives, it’s your brand…delivered.

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