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The Top 5 Promotional Items for Texas Companies

Texans love Promotional Products.  Texas businesses spent 2.9 Billion on Promotional Products in 2017.  According to a study done by the Advertising Specialty Institute, Texans are two times more likely to prefer promotional products over internet advertising and 54% of us favor American made products.

Overwhelmingly, Texas invests the most dollars in these five categories:

  1. USB Drives and Power Banks.

power bank promo itemsAccording to the New York Post, folks living in the United States check their phones every 12 minutes or an average of 80 times per day.   We use our phones for driving directions, connectivity to family, friends, and colleagues.  Our phones tell us how long to cook meatloaf, what time it is in Japan, and any other random topic that pops up over dinner.  And if our phone loses charge – anxiety sets in.  The medical community now recognizes a disorder that results from losing or damaging our phones.  It is called “Nomophobia.”   Companies who choose to put their brand on power banks, (designed to charge phones on the go) are making a great decision.  That logo is going to be seen multiple times a day and become part of the daily uniform.

flash drives promo items

USB Drives are pocket-sized storage devices for Powerpoint presentations, they can convey a marketing message or commercial, and they provide great storage once your cloud or hard drive is maxed out.

In this tech-crazed world, it’s no surprise that smart Texans choose these products to showcase their brand.

promo items charging station

  1. Desktop Accessories

Desktop accessories are a great way to keep your brand in front of customers.  Unlike a television commercial or radio ad (which require that you do not go to the restroom between 3:00 p.m. and 3:02 p.m.), a desktop accessory keeps your brand top of mind all day long.

  1. Headwearpromo hats logo merchandise

There is no doubt that wearables display a logo prominently.   Caps keep your brand in front of the person wearing it and everyone they pass by.  Caps can also be a cost-effective way to mass-advertise.  Decorated caps range in price from $5 – $30 depending on the brand you choose.

  1. Drinkware

Your customer’s new favorite coffee mug or tumbler is an excellent place for your logo to be.  Our favorite cup lives in our car, on our desk, in our cabinets.  Your logo will get exposure several times per week.  Drinkware has become very contemporary – fashion-forward – and there are thousands of great styles available.

  1. Bags

backpack promotional gearBags are a part of the official uniform at work and play whether you are commuting to work or hanging out at the Houston Zoo.  Like caps, t-shirts, polo shirts and button downs, your brand will be front and center wherever it travels.   From Polypropylene totes to Oakley, Adidas, and Ogio backpacks, the options and price points are endless.

Is your company based somewhere other than Texas?   Let us know, and we’ll give you a breakdown of YOUR state’s top five promotional products.


Five Travel Must-Haves for the Today’s Road Warrior

You’ve got a sales team and executives who live on the road. They have everything, they’ve tried everything. They have found something irritating about every branded travel product you have provided them in the past. Some of the team travels internationally, and others make short weekly commutes from Chicago to St. Louis. Your job is to find products that make travel easier, more efficient and solve the problems of the road.

This year’s top travel products will display your logo elegantly and impress the impossible to please. Even the guy you can’t believe is allowed to be on the sales team because he doesn’t like people. We’ve got him covered too.

Ifidelity Noise Reduction Warp Bluetooth Headphones

After a long week of presentations, the last thing a road warrior wants is a chatty passenger sitting next to him on a three-hour flight. Bluetooth headphones have become part of the official uniform for the traveler who is cooked. Nothing says, “I’m awake but unavailable” quite like a pair of these. Unlike earbuds, the over-the-ear design creates a social partition respected by even the boldest of seatmates. The noise reduction technology will enable them to ignore people guilt-free because they won’t be able to hear them anyway. They can answer a call, or change a song directly from the headphones themselves. Don’t know what you should spend? Ask the hermit in your sales department what he would pay for headphones that make him socially invisible.

The Elleven Axis 17″ TSA Travel Backpack


Those who makes short commutes via airline have their trip timed right down to the second. These folks know exactly how long it should take to get from the plane to the rental car. Baggage claim is the enemy of an efficiently timed departure from the airport. They need one bag that will hold a change of clothes for two days, shoes, a laptop, and paperwork. Problem solved. The Elleven Traverse does all of that, and it is checkpoint friendly too. The laptop stays in the bag and butterflies open on its ride through the x-ray machine. No tray required. Commuters cannot live without this one; they just don’t know it yet.

Relay 20,000 MAH Power Bank

For travelers, their smartphones and tablets are their lifelines. They rely on their devices to stay connected and any length of time without a phone could be dire. With this 20,000 MAH Power Bank, you can confidently tell your executives that they can go to Europe for an entire week and never need to plug into a wall outlet. 20,000 MAH means that you can charge a smartphone from a dead battery to 100% nearly ten times on a single charge. An output rate of 2.1 means you can power a tablet almost five times. Your team is no longer required to plug their many devices into the lamp at the Marriott. They’ve got the freedom to charge their phone untethered for several days. Your stock just went up. Big time.

Skross World Travel Adapter PRO World & USB

International travel means going to countries with outlets that don’t get along with American plugs. The Skross WorldTravel Adapter PRO will convert all over the world (150 different countries to be exact). Your executives will be thrilled to know that their Conair hairdryers and Sonicare toothbrushes will be operational from Cairo to Timbuktu.




ANKR Bluetooth Tracker

Frequent travelers tend to lose things. Important things. They misplace things like car keys and wallets. It’s not uncommon for an exhausted traveler to arrive in the airport parking garage ready for the weekend, only to discover that their car keys are sitting in a board room halfway across the country. The ANKR Bluetooth tracker is a game changer. Just attach the ANKR device to a set of keys (or anything else travelers tend to forget), and when you travel out of the zone, the device will alert your smartphone that you have left the object behind. Your salespeople won’t even have to remember that they forgot. The item they’ve left behind will alert them and give them walking (or driving) directions to find it. If that doesn’t make you the office hero, we don’t know what will.

We want to hear your stories from the road! The stories could be funny, tragic or just plain crazy. Give us your best one. The winner will receive a sample kit of each the items above. We will only publish your story with your permission.

Click HERE to submit yours.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!




It is that time again to start ordering Christmas gifts for your clients. The good news is, it is not too late! Procrastinators rejoice! (Enter holiday music playing in your head.) Here are some ideas that we put together for clients last year.


Spectrum wanted a classic ornament that wasn’t cheap and, quite frankly, ugly. One that people would use and project just how much they were valued. This is what we helped them put together. They loved it, we loved it. Here is a picture of the backside.








Another client decided on key chains. This ornamental purse with jewels was a big hit. Never underestimate the power of bling. Included is a beautiful silver disc for your logo or message.Another client went for key chains. This ornamental purse with jewels was a big hit. Never underestimate the power of bling. Included is a beautiful silver disc for your logo or message.






We chose these Zoom Bars for our customer gifts. If you want to be ‘hip’ you must give a techie gift. This little guy is awesome. Seriously can’t say enough. You smack him and he lights up to tell you how much battery life is left. No more guessing. Able to charge a smart phone and an iPad at the same time. The Zoom Bar is lightweight and fits in the palm of your hand. Works on any device that has a USB port adapter. Barbados It comes with all the cables you’ll ever need. YOU CAN PUT YOUR LOGO ON IT! Told ya, it’s awesome.





DSC_5811So give us a call at 281-362-0532 and ask to speak with one of our jolly sales people!

Anything with your logo, literally, ANYTHING!

Getting down to business.


We would like to introduce you to a couple of smart tablet office products. Our first e-padfolio carrier has snap closure and a replaceable notebook on the right side. The left side has an adjustable series of elastic corners to customize to fit any smart tablet. This is one of our best sellers. It is leather and your logo goes directly on the front.


The second e-padfolio we’d like to show you is also leather, customizable to fit any smart tablet, adjustable for right or left handed people and comes with slots to hold business cards, a pen and pad of paper. It also ZIPS CLOSED.



We love that feature of this guy. It also has a nifty little folding apparatus to hold your tablet upright. Check out the video below to see this bad boy in action. norway We know, we get excited about the little stuff. But seriously, this is a cool product.

Anything with your logo, literally, ANYTHING!



We love bags.

Sometimes it is a good idea to get a size reference on some of our products. Today we will use our friend Nellie. She is a 15 pound french bulldog, but don’t tell her that. As she basks in the sun, you will see how large and fancy The Woodland’s Visitors and Convention Bureau’s tote is. Try to divert your eyes from Nellie’s beauty to notice the gorgeous picture of the fountains on this bag. It turned out so well! Here is a shot of the back of the glossy bag.

We also had an opportunity to work with The Junior League of North Harris and South Montgomery Counties, Inc. They chose simple bags that prominently displayed Hubbell and Hudson’s logo that is consistent with the store’s branding.








The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion recently hosted the Children’s Festival and we helped them create and order over seven thousand bags! One of the give aways inside were these little kazoos (also modeled by Nellie).









So give us a call and let us help you put your logo on it!


We are on YouTube

You read that correctly, we are now on YouTube and will be adding videos similar to this one as we find products we love. This video highlights a towel that when wet, drops its temperature to around 50 degrees. Since we are based out of Texas, we think this is genius. Imagine how terribly useful this would be to your clients who are also avid golfers. See…the possibilities are endless. Here at Corporate Incentives, we can put your logo on anything, literally, ANYTHING. Watch Lori and Melissa here as they describe this product. In Lori’s words, “It’s just magic”.

Watch the product video here.


The United Way of Montgomery County is calling on all of us to LIVE UNITED! Recently we were able to create some promotional products for them. These are items that they drop off at various locations to remind people to donate to the United Way. They chose t-shirts, a USB, pens, sticky notes and water bottles as their logo carrying swag. We love the sentiment that calls all of us to work together and LIVE UNITED.

You should visit their website or join them on Facebook and check out all of the amazing ways this organization loves the people around them. According to their website, there are over 8,000 families living in poverty and 27,628 school aged children living in or close to poverty in Montgomery County. Whaaaaaat? That is 37% of school aged children! Never fear, the United Way is stepping in to help fight poverty. Programs include: mentoring, adult literacy, school supplies, education and training for youth and no or low cost after school care. Speaking of school, UWMC’s 8th annual Socks and Undies Drive is underway. There are drop off centers in Conroe and The Woodlands. It’s a way to get new socks and underwear to children that get the rest of their clothing from resale stores. If you would like more information click here. The United Way of Montgomery County has a goal of raising $5,000,000 dollars to support our community this year. Please consider donating to those in need. As they would say…GIVE. ADVOCATE. VOLUNTEER. We agree!

Remember, here at Corporate Incentives it’s your brand…delivered. To see more product pictures press here!

The Woodlands Marathon

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Woodlands is proud to host a marathon for the first time since 1993. Along with that news, Corporate Incentives would like to toot our own horn and show some of the merchandise that we were able to put together for the event. Not only did they need shirts for volunteers and participants, but they also chose these light-weight bags that can be worn over the shoulder or as a backpack to promote their sponsors and races. Anyone who has been in or cheered on their favorite athlete in a marathon knows there is a TON of swag that gets passed out. Well now there is a convenient bag to put it in.

Some fast facts include:

The Woodlands Marathon has over 6,000 runners becoming the largest, single-day sporting event in South Montgomery County.

The start line is located on Lake Robbins in front the Pavilion.

It’s a 13.1-mile flat course.

Interfaith of The Woodlands will be the primary local beneficiary.

There is a Health and Fitness Expo on Friday, March 2, from 10am-8pm. (registration, packet pickup, 40 exhibitors) will be at The Woodlands United Methodist Church.

There are 9 Aid Stations along the course. (THEY NEED VOLUNTEERS, so click here and sign up)

START TIMES (estimated):

Marathon/Half Marathon Elite? 6:45am

Marathon? 6:47am

Half Marathon & 5k ? 7:00 am

2k ? 1:00pm

The Concert Awards Party will be at Central Park in Market Street, Saturday, March 2, 2012 from 6pm-8pm. All finishing participants receive a metal. (yay!)

Follow information about the race on their FaceBook page.

So come to the cheer zones to encourage these amazing athletes. If you haven’t been to a sporting event of this magnitude, you are definitely missing out. There is music, cheers and tears and the second hand endorphin rush is out of this world. Remember, here at Corporate Incentives, it’s your brand…delivered.

The Jazzy Junque Extravaganza

Here are Corporate Incentives we like to encourage community involvement. One event we enjoy supporting and highlighting each year is the Jazzy Junque Extravaganza. This sale of donated goods benefits New Danville; “a self sustaining, master-planned, integrated community where adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities can live, learn, work and grow emotionally, socially, and spiritually with their non-disabled peers.” Started by a mom who has a son with a brain injury. Unsatisfied with her options, the beautiful community of New Danville was born.

OK, here are the details! There is a preview party, this is where all the real gems go, so you must buy a ticket to this party. You can purchase your ticket at the Conroe Outlet Mall or online here. There are only 300 available and they are going fast.

What you can expect to see is furniture, children’s toys, electronics, home decor, sports equipment and much more. Last year there was a grand piano and an array of oriental rugs. The volunteers have diligently worked to make this year even more spectacular than the last. Jazzy Junque raised $75,000 dollars last year and has a goal of raising $100,000 this year! Thanks to the donation of time and goods, young adults with disabilities are given a chance to live a normal dignified life.

How do you get involved? First you should visit New Danville’s website and get pumped about supporting such a wonderful charity. Second, you should buy a ticket to the preview party and bring your checkbook. (Last year the preview party was catered by Hubble & Hudson, yum city.)Third, you should think about volunteering at the event. They need volunteers in the following areas: furniture, home decor/accessories, baby/children’s items, antiques/collectibles, computers/electronics, sports/outdoor items, seasonal decor, linens, boutique. Also needed are check-out people, cashiers, security, relief workers, and furniture movers. You can email Patricia at to find out more about volunteering.

The Preview Party and Early Bird Shopping is Wednesday, February 29th, from 6-9pm.

The main event is at The Conroe Outlet Mall, Friday-Sunday. Friday and Saturday hours are 9am-5pm. Sunday hours are 1-5pm. This is the weekend of March 2nd-4th.

We hope to see you there!

UPDATE: Volunteers are needed for the early shifts, 8am on Saturday and Sunday at the outlet mall.