What’s happening this weekend? You are!

We would like to take this chance to salute the hardest working person around, the mom. You’re the cook, the nurse, the counselor, the maid, and the boss. You tire away all day and all night, always with a smile. You go into public with your team of children, hair quaffed so effortlessly as to say, “I was born for this”. You always have an extra diaper on hand for a friend in need. Women with newborns want you to reassure them, and childless women want to be you. OK, let’s stop right there. If this is true, then you probably have a great support system and already know about The Woodlands Mom Expo happening this weekend.

Started by a mom that valued the support that comes from other moms in her community, this is a great resource for moms and young families in our area. It starts Friday, the 27th, from 10-3pm. Continuing Saturday, the 28th from 10-4pm. with door prizes, play zones and a DJ. It wouldn’t be complete without the “Ask a Professional” Healthcare Panel. So come out, meet other moms and businesses in town that can help support you in your journey of motherhood!

This video should sum things up for you.

Interfaith of The Woodlands contributes to our community in numerous ways. Enter the Veggie Village. A place where people can work and learn together while providing fresh veggies for their neighbors. Yeah, that just happened and it’s so cool. This Sunday, from 2-4pm they will be celebrating their grand opening. See a worm farm, plant a seed and enjoy a story. This is a fantastic way to fulfill those two resolutions we all make every year; volunteer in the community and spend more time with the family. Come on, even Puffy the Pinecone will be there! Check out this flyer for more details.

Here is a link to The Woodlands Mom Expo.

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A lesson from Lego

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!

We are looking forward to working with you this year! Let’s chat about how to best reach your potential clients and keep the ones you already have. It is worth mentioning that NO ONE likes generic marketing. It’s easy to feel bombarded after months of predictable advertising. The good new is that creative thoughtful marketing can go a long way. You’re in luck! We specialize in getting to know your business, your marketing plans, your dreams, your customers and put together a customized product that screams “I have a good product or service that you need”. Promotional products don’t have to be limited to hats and pens. There are thousands of options and you should give a small gander at on our online store. We LOVE this Lego advertisement from 1981. What’s not to love about a ginger headed tomboy? It’s outside the box and doesn’t limit Lego’s marketing to just boys. It reminds us of our own Melissa, who admittedly played with Transformers growing up. We hope to see more advertising like this in the future! Check out this little girl as she rails against the system. Don’t do this to your customers…if a little girl thinks it’s fishy, you know it’s bad. Give us a call! It’s your brand…delivered.

Jump into the season with us.

This Saturday bring your family to the Woodlands Equestrian Club to see a FREE Andalusians exhibition and Grand Prix Jumping Demonstration. This Spanish breed of horse was started in 1567 by King Felipe II of Spain…they even have passports to prove it.

The events is from 2:30 to 4:30. Then at 5pm, just a ten minute drive away, the Spanish theme continues with a wine reception at the Tennis Club. Now don’t be fooled, awaiting those who venture out is not life size “tennis ken and barbie” but rather a flock of feisty Flamenco dancers. That’s right, dancing horses, twirling skirts and wine! The Woodlands Equestrian Club is also excited to announce that International Grand Prix Jumping Trainer, Daniel Bedoya, has joined their ranks.

The Woodlands Equestrian Club offers instruction in dressage (dancing with your horse), so if you’re looking for a gift for an animal lover in your life, classes might just be the ticket.

Join your community this weekend as we celebrate this beautiful creature.

Here is a sneak peak of some of the action.
The Woodlands Equestrian Club is located at 10422 Hufsmith Road. For more information about the School of Equestrian Arts, call 713-373-7543, or visit either info@woodlandsequestrianclub.com


Support your team with style!











Remember the screaming fans on cold bleachers, the bright stadium lights, gum chewing girls and the look on young boys faces that can only mean they are into some mischief…yes folks, it’s high school football season. We support our local Quarterback Club and this year we ordered them some fabulous gear to help them show their support for our young athletes.

Here is a perfect fit men’s shirt with a women’s pink football jersey style shirt. This women’s beautifully tailored but awfully feminine moisture wicking shirt has the green accents on the collar and sides with the big red “W” to stay within the school’s branding needs.This small sampling, includes a burnout tee hoodie (love) and sweatshirt blankets for all those budding young crushes to cuddle with during the games. The Woodlands High School did a nice job of selecting a logo for their athletic departments, it works well on promotional products of all sorts. It makes them a really fun client.

Remember, here at Corporate Incentives, no job is too big or too small. It’s your brand…delivered.

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Now Go, Go, Go!

OK… admit it. We all love our Apple products like we love puppies. Think of the iPhone as a fragile, expensive little puppy that you can’t get enough of. You hold it, play with it, let the kids play with it and inevitably, drop it! OOPS! We have an answer for you, and you can put your logo on it. Check out this video of men torturing a poor helpless iPhone.

We think this protective case would be a fantastic promotional product. It’s a walking advertisement, I mean, when was the last time you went anywhere and didn’t see half the crowd on their IPhones? If you can appreciate an on the go, fast paced, rough around the edges lifestyle, this may just be the branding opportunity you are looking for.

Speaking of on the go, the second product we are featuring is a “checkpoint-friendly computer backpack”. It features a sleeve for your computer that unzips to lay flat on the x-ray belt. Padded shoulder straps, a TechStrap organizer panel, and a media pocket with an ear bud port are just a few features that we love about this bag. If the bag is functional, people will use it. When people use this bag, your logo gets a ticket to ride. See how easy it is when you choose the right promotional product for your marketing plan? TA-DA!

Give us a call, we would love to tell you more about these great products and so many more! It’s your brand…delivered.

Highsteppin’ in











Every once in a while, we get to work on a project that is truly inspired. When The Woodlands High School Highsteppers came to us with this project, we knew we had to ace it.

One of their dancers created this piece of artwork and the Highsteppers wanted to use it on their shirts for next year. Here is the original art work. We also had some yummy sweatshirts and polo’s made for them. The finished project made us want to kick our heels up! Whether you have something specific in mind, or you just know you need a promotional product and don’t know where to begin, we are your company! It’s your brand…delivered.

This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship…

With big smiles and hearty handshakes we are excited to announce that Corporate Incentives is merging with Brady Hull & Associates. Both of our companies have individually represented the largest independently-owned logo specialty companies in Montgomery County and have each consistently earned a spot in the top three percent of the advertising specialty industry in the nation. Our merger will move us into the top one percent in the industry. Yes, I guess we’re all grown up now. Brady Hull, president of Brady Hull & Associates, said, “Bev and I have always held a similar business philosophy of making the relationships with our customers paramount by ensuring the utmost level of quality customer service.  I am confident about merging my customers with Corporate Incentives.”  This will more than double the size of our company Bev started in 1996.  Consequently a merger with Brady Hull, which has existed for 30 years, will add a flood of experience in both the promotional product business and customer service, not to mention both companies have a history of community involvement.  Bev and Brady are on the board of directors for New Danville, and have had a personal and professional respect for each other for years. After months of office remodeling to make space for our new “roomies”, we are looking forward to getting to know each other when everyone moves in today! It’s a little bit like the first day of summer camp, you never know, you may just meet your new best friend.



There are many different ways to look at a business relationship. We would all agree that good business involves both parties benefiting; it’s good for you, it’s good for me, and so we continue in our transactions. More specifically, we like to think of our customers as partners. Our product clearly lends itself to this, we sell shwag. Basically shwag is an extension of your already established marketing plan. So when you call us and say you need 150 bags with your logo on them, we are interested in the “what why when for whom” questions to best fit your needs. Furthermore, this gives us an opportunity to flex our creative muscles. We enjoy making you look good. You, the wonderful buyer of shwag, who so fabulously found the softest t-shirt, the best fitting jacket, the most eco-friendly water bottle or the most functional and stylin’ bag. (all at the best price. ahem..) Get the idea? We value partnerships, which is why we support the International Association of Administrative Professionals. Here is a picture of the gift we passed out this year. It’s a post-it notes pad with a calendar inside.

We’re loving the green color and weight of this pad, it won’t slip around on your desk. We know that you choose to work with us because of the relationship we have, not just because we outbid the competition. Corporate Incentives does not want to supply you with a product as distinguished from a service. A company that views themselves as commodity suppliers will treat everyone as a commodity. When you hire Corporate Incentives to deliver your brand, we aren’t happy unless you are and that is the bottom line.

Community Minded

We have multinational clients that keep us on our logistical toes. While we enjoy that challenge, our greatest joys come from our community involvement. This year our own Bev Earl is the Tournament Chair for the Woodlands Golf Championship benefitting Interfaith of The Woodlands. For those of your who don’t know, Interfaith does a lot more for the community than creating a phone directory. They offer child care and counseling services. Their food pantry is partially fed by an organic garden run by the community. If you have a green thumb, check out the Veggie Village. Interfaith has a resale shop that not only provides low cost gently used items, but the proceeds fund their other programs. They have a Senior Services department that provides transportation to appointments, day trips for socialization opportunities and support groups for those caring for their elderly loved one. This year we are hoping our very own Cass will agree to play on our team, we hear she takes no prisoners! The Woodlands Golf Championship is going to be held at The Woodlands Country Club Tournament Course and the Carlton Woods Fazio Course. Now we have your attention. Learn more about tournament registration here.

Vegas, Baby!

Last month we took a trip to Las Vegas. No, we aren’t black jack addicts or slot junkies, it was for a trade show. Hoping to be inspired by all the new merchandise exhibited, we scoured miles of booths. We walked, chatted, networked, tested samples and took some photographs (did I mention the walking). Yes, we had a little fun too, hu-hum…but that stays in Vegas.

We were not disappointed by what we found! The item to beat was this BPA Free, freezable, compressible, magical “toutunsac” water bottle by glou. This plughugger is fantastic too, who doesn’t love organization? Want a completely out of the box gift for your clients? Try these apples that are grown with your logo or message imprinted on the side! Melissa just fell in love with these.

Timbuk2 came out with a new line of bags that are lighter and extremely versatile. This is all just to say, we here at Corporate Incentives are going far out of our way, even if it means torturing ourselves in Las Vegas (insert sheepish smile) to find creative solutions to your marketing needs. It’s your brand….delivered.